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Colin and Annette's Wedding

Annette can fly!

I am becoming increasily embarrassed by the length of time it is taking me to edit Colin and Annette’s wedding video… I do have

a reputation for being a little tardy but 6 months is really pushing the envelope!

As such, I am going to post up on this site some of the bits that I have done so far so at least Colin and Annette can get to see some of their big day!

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Colin and Joanna's Wedding

On Saturday (6th May) Colin and Joanna got married

at Oxenfoord castle, just south of Edinburgh.

A fabulous time was had by all and the day went perfectly for them. The champagne flowed, the band were great and I managed to avoid getting completely drunk and making a fool of myself.

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Go Golfing

I am working on a golfing directory ( based on the software

that I work generic cialis 5 mg on at CSUK Solutions.

We have over 100 clubs in there already but soon hope to have a listing for every club in the UK.

Our site already lets you:

  • Browse
  • View multiple clubs on a location map
  • Review a club&nbsp