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Kevin and Annie's Wedding

Kevin and Annie tied the knot at the weekend (15th July 2007), Sarah and I were there to witness the event.

The wedding ceremony was held at Mayfield Salisbury Church in Edinburgh followed by a fantastic reception at Prestonfield House Hotel.

It was great to see everyone and we had a brilliant table with Neil, Lorraine,

Dave, Ouna, Mike, Lynne, Jake and Caroline. Mike and Lynne were back over from Sydney for the wedding and was really nice to catch up.

Kev's Stag Weekend

I was up in highland surrounds for Kevin MacIver’s Stag do this weekend which was thoroughly enjoyable – Kevin in a

revealing cat outfit, England losing and a boat trip on Loch Awe made for a great time.

I turned up recovering from a hang over of the previous night which made the journey across a little troubling to my stomach region but managed to hold on in there despite the treacherous roads and Kevin’s driving.

We were not the last to arrive, with the full number coming up to 9, Sean being the only one absent and was sorely missed. The full complement: Kevin, Martin, Alan, Steve, Graham, Dave, Jake, Neil & myself. Although Jake and Neil were forced into an early departure due to other Staging commitments, it must be a popular time to Stag.

Many thanks to Colin for lending me his projector for the the event, which was expoited to the full during the football watching that followed.

It was not until the Saturday, however, that all 7 of us could appreciate England losing in wonderful 3m x 2m glory on the slightly stained and patterned walls of our accommodation.

Before we could enjoy Rooney’s stamping, we hired a couple of Canadian canoes and a motorboat to explore Loch Awe. Martin and Alan even took a swim, which was very admirable (or insane) given the temperature of the water! It really is fabulous countryside and seeing from the loch like that was great.

More to follow, with pictures.