We spotted '68 Special Elvis watching Las Vegas Elvis

Today was a lazy day – we did a little sun bathing and swimming before heading to Kissimmee Old Town for some crazy golf and finished the day watching some americans pointlessly driving down the high street.

This was described as “cruising” by the over excited announcer man (wittily playing “Here in my car” by Gary Newman) so I suspect this is a regular activity – I am not sure if it is the same 10 cars or if they get other cruisers along each time.

Our Old Town experience was not in vain, as we spotted there was a band due to come on at some point soon.   We hung around in front of the stage as the area filled up with people of a certain generation, and the air of anticipation grew. We started to think that perhaps the coming event would be something of significance – and we were right!

The band fired up and started to build up as the star of the show walked in from stage right: it was Elvis!

Well, no it was Dwight Icenhower.

He also started belting out the Elvis classics and as time went on, handing out freshly sweat clad scarfs to the ageing audience. The Colonel handing fresh, pre-sweated scarfs was a nice touch.

It was at this point we noticed that 68 Elvis was standing directly in front of us in full leather gear!   The amazing thing that has subsequently illuminated most of my Florida experience was that this was taken with absolute sincerity.