Simon is informed that the flight is delayed

Simon is informed that the flight is delayed

The day started early (7.30, which for me on a Saturday morning is really early) to drop our car off at Mum and Dad’s before Dad gave us a lift through to Glasgow.   In return for a lift the get 2 weeks use of our Audi

TT which Dad seems to be looking forward to a little too much, we will probably find he has planted it in a ditch upon our return.

No problems getting to the airport and check in was only slightly delayed when we confused them with the old baby on board but no seat required which although you would imagine is a fairly regular occurrence, the system was thrown by this freak event!

We the learnt of a slight delay, which as you can see from the photo, did not go down well with Simon!

The plane journey itself was pretty uneventful with April enjoying running down the aisles between groups in our party and eating her jelly snakes.   I think the Snakes on a Plane reference was lost on the four year old however.

One year old Violet only got slightly miffed towards the end of the flight which was a bit of a miracle given we landed well past her bed time UK time.

Sarah and I picked up our hire car, managing to sneak a cheap upgrade to a convertible… woo hoo!