Yesterday was a fab day of Sea Kayaking,

walking and working, basically the exact reason we came to Corsica and it was really great.

Gerome’s parents have been absolutley amazing and I would like to thank them for putting up with the non-french speaking plonkers that were staying in their loft over the last week.

On the eastJet flight home I noticed during the ignored safety demo that their life jackets had “” emblazoned upon them – i know all publicity is good publicity and all that but couldn’t help but wonder if reminding passengers dumped in the North Sea with only a limited chance of survival where to book their next trip is taking things a little too far?

Perhaps at the moment you have forced your passengers to don their life jackets is not the ideal time to bring up the topic of their next holiday? Or perhaps it is the ideal distraction…

“Margaret, darling”
“yes…” (shivering)
“this holiday has not panned out so well, but if we visit, we could get another trip in before the end of the year”