Mike "Howie Does It!" Howie

Mike "Howie Does It!" Howie

After weeks of talking about doing a podcast/movie/poem/novel together, Mike and I ran a test run of a trans-european Madrid-Edinburgh podcast… although it was really just a conversation over Skype that I recorded.

We were shit.  There is no doubt that it was not interesting podcast material, and for that reason it will never be released for public consumption – but at least we got past the first hurdle of actually agreeing to a time and attempting to record it. A little more preparation next time might make us talk about interesting and funny things instead of rubbish things.

Personally, I blame Mike.

On top of us being really unentertaining, the sound quality was not really up to being broadcast, Mike’s Madrid bar location was a little noisy and his internet connection was not really up to the job – so the technical problems were really Mike’s fault too.

I am glad that I this is my blog, ‘cos it means I can blame all the problems on Mike.

It was nice catching up with him and hearing that he is getting on great in Madrid, sounds like a great place to live for a short while and I am sure that soon he will be a fully fluent Spanish speaker.

It would be good to have regular Wednesday podcast slot, hopefully we will manage to sort that out.