Last night I enjoyed a great catch-up-curry with Australia’s Si P along with Fran, Mike and Sarah. It was great to see Si (one of my 2 best men, both of whom has since left Scotland for Oz…

conicidence? Or was the best man to Robin experience the last straw?) after so long in Australia and he was full of tails from the colonies.

He is clearly enjoying his care free existance in Brisbane, althouh that may change when he is forced to get an actual job.

The venue was Mother India on Infirmary st which I thoroughly recommend. They go for the tapas approach which let’s you taste loads for different things even if it slighly threw us when we first looked at the menu, service was extremely slick although a little more joie de vive would not go amiss.

We returned to our flat for a whiskey and a bit of Dizzee Rascal… genius – the Aswad singer was a particularly good spot by Si. I remembered to switch on the Skype just in time to see Mike “Howie does it” Howie (my personal blog commenter) logging out, shame as it would have been good to have some Paterson/Howie drunken chat. So Mike will never know that he was so close to being shouted at by a couple of tipsy louts across the interweb… unless he reads this of course, which I will know when he comments… unless out of spite because I have said he will comment he now does not comment.

So, Mike if you do not comment on this blog post you are a spiteful man.

I had to rapidly chuck some stuff in a bag for heading out to Corsica today with Colin to catch up with Gerome for our Tribalogic

away week! Gerome has kindly invited us to work from his parents house for a week which should be fab.