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To all 'like-minded' people out there

To all like-minded individuals out there, I have decided the term “like-minded” is stupid and has no pay someone to do your assignment meaning, so anyone who thinks that too please leave a comment on my blog.

I might even start a petition to collect signatures of all those that think the same way as me.

OK, so I concede it does have meaning… but there is just something insipid about describing someone as “like-minded”, I am not sure what it is about it.

Perhaps it is because it is usually used in an exclusive manner, being used to invite “like-minded” people to an event is essentially to say “don’t come if you don’t think like me”.

Anyway, just a thought and it is probably just me…

Jesus Laughing… Human Rights Denied

Jesus Laughing Pictures & Human Rights Denied

"Jesus Laughing Pictures & Human Rights Denied"

I took this a while back and giggle every time I see it, I am not sure why I find it so funny…

it just seems like the most ridiculous sign.

I wonder if Jesus is laughing at the human rights being denied and someone managed to capture this momentary lapse in his good nature on camera?

Or perhaps you can only see the pictures if you are willing to give up a right or two?