After a remarkably smooth passage across the 10,000 miles* to Brisbane from Edinburgh via London and Singapore, where we both managed to get a modicum of sleep and flight delays were kept to the minimum it seemed somehow inevitable that there would be some form of hickup.

And so it proved as we stood watching the final items of battered and seemingly deliberately abandoned baggage slip past us for the twentieth time – our bag was not going to turn up.

It was not a complete disaster as our clothes bag did turned up but a pain nonetheless and not the ideal start to our Brisbane stay.

Anyway, we wandered out to the pickup area to be shortly greeted by the whistling Ford Laser and a Simon looking somehow more native than any of the locals despite only living in Australia for nine months or so. We set off for Si & Rachel’s in Brighton the Laser air conditioning keeping the stiffling heat at bay.

Si and Rachel enjoying the 'Club

After settling in we headed for a lovely walk along the sea front and a coffee in a “Coffee Club” where we managed to eat despite none of us holding membership. Our food arrived about two minutes after we ordered which must be some sort of record as at least some of our orders required proper cooking, very impressive! The travelling, quite out of nowhere, caught up with us and Sarah and me crashed out while Si & Rachel bottled some beer in preparation for our stay.

* I have no idea if 10,000 is anywhere near the truth, but seems about right.