Sarah, Simon and RachelWe headed to Rachel’s dads brewrey (how handy was that) to pick up the beer before we headed North up the coast from Brisbane for Maroochydore to move into our apartment and celebrate New Year.

The apartment was ideal – two bedrooms, sea views and a roof terrace.

The previous evening we had booked (after many frantic calls) a table at Belissimo, a restaurant on the front in Maloolooba. Our expectations tempered by the lateness of our booking, we headed along the coast from our apartment towards Maloolooba. We were not to worry as although not about to make any Michelin guide, it was perfectly placed in the centre and near the beach and provided a perfect vantage point for the ensuing mayhem.

As an aside, I really wish Australia would force restaurants to have toilets… just really annoying.

We were not only see in the New Year but the arrest of a young man and a crowd pleasing brawl involving two young female revellers.

We left our table for The Bells, catching the New Year fireworks from the beach which was fantastic – being the first time I have seen in the New Year in the southern hemisphere, it was a delight to be able to enjoy the balmy temperatures and enjoy the waves lapping against the shore while watching fireworks.

Thanks to Rachel and Simon for sorting it all out and inviting us along!