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Saxias Golf 2009

30th April – 5th May 2009

Myself, Colin Valentine, James Davidson and Simon Beattie headed to the French Alpes to play a bit of golf.

It was great fun and thanks to

The Thomas’s for letting us use their chalet in Saxias as a base.

James and I lost so I will not write any more about this ghastly event…

here are some pictures!

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La Clusaz, Grande Bornand and Chamonix 2007

9th to 16th January 2007

Skiing in buy cialis tabs La Clusaz, Grande Bornande and Chamonix with my Dad, Mum, Anna, Sean, John and James, January 2007

The holiday was dogged by a lack of snow (a bit critical on a skiing holiday) but came good in the end when we took to the higher slopes of Chamonix.

We were all very grateful to the Thomas’ for the use of their chalet and car, it was once again a pleasure to stay there and be so close to a number of great resorts.

On Friday the 12th we had a lovely meal at the La Scierie restaurant in La Clusaz. The food was excellent, as was the service. james and John were

quite dlighted to be presented with Fois Gras by mistake and we only just stopped ourselves from ordering the 2000 bottle of wine just to see the waiters reaction.

Innerleithen for Louise's Birthday

A weekend away in Innerleithen for Louise’s Birthday…
Innter Comic

It all turned a little sour when Colin and

Simon started fighting!

New York 2006

Saturday 16th – Thursday 21st September 2006

Central ParkSarah, her little sister Suzie and Myself travelled to New York to meet with Suzie’s friend Nicola and take viagra cheap in some of the sites of New York city.

We arrived in Newark airport at around 15:00 on Saturday afternoon after a smooth journey from Edinburgh, via Amsterdam. We met Nicola who had flown in flown in from her holiday job in Florida.

We grabbed a cab and headed into the city to find the Hotel that we had pre-booked, the Hotel Carter on 42nd street. To our shock and amazment, despite our only stipulation when booking (with STA Travel) being easy access in a wheelchair, Hotel Carter has a flight of stairs leading to it’s 1st floor lobby. In what proved to be a blessing in disguise,

as Hotel Carter is to put it politely a complete dump, Sarah and I had a hectic few hours as we scrabbled to locate another Hotel in the region.

Eventually, we found Hotel Edison which was more than adequate, perfectly located and good value.

Sunday, 17th September

A quick bus tour around the southern part of Manhattan did just the trick to get a feel for where we were in relation to all the major sites.

On the way to Battery Park, we took in Chinatown, little Italy, Grenwich Village and 5th Avenue.

From Battery Park, we took the Statten Island ferry so as to take in thee New York skyline and a good view of the Statue of Liberty.

Monday 18th September

We set out early, heading in the direction of Central Park from our Times Square base, and grabbed some breakfast at the french style café Le Pain Quotidien which was very good.

A wander through Central Park that took in, not eintirely deliberately, statues of Robert Burns & Walter Scott

After a short panic, during which Sarah and Suzie were convinced that we completely lost, we popped out from Central Park just a couple of blocks from the Guggenheim museum – our intended destination. Although under restoration, it is a stunning building on the inside and the exhibition of Zaha Hadid’s work was well worth the visit.

  • FAO Swartz
  • The Empire State building

Tuesday 19th September

  • Rockefeller Centre
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Ellis Island
  • Ground Zero
  • 5th Avenue

Wednesday 20th September

  • 5th Ave
  • Central Park
  • John Lennon Memorial
  • Trump Tower

Kev's Stag Weekend

I was up in highland surrounds for Kevin MacIver’s Stag do this weekend which was thoroughly enjoyable – Kevin in a

revealing cat outfit, England losing and a boat trip on Loch Awe made for a great time.

I turned up recovering from a hang over of the previous night which made the journey across a little troubling to my stomach region but managed to hold on in there despite the treacherous roads and Kevin’s driving.

We were not the last to arrive, with the full number coming up to 9, Sean being the only one absent and was sorely missed. The full complement: Kevin, Martin, Alan, Steve, Graham, Dave, Jake, Neil & myself. Although Jake and Neil were forced into an early departure due to other Staging commitments, it must be a popular time to Stag.

Many thanks to Colin for lending me his projector for the the event, which was expoited to the full during the football watching that followed.

It was not until the Saturday, however, that all 7 of us could appreciate England losing in wonderful 3m x 2m glory on the slightly stained and patterned walls of our accommodation.

Before we could enjoy Rooney’s stamping, we hired a couple of Canadian canoes and a motorboat to explore Loch Awe. Martin and Alan even took a swim, which was very admirable (or insane) given the temperature of the water! It really is fabulous countryside and seeing from the loch like that was great.

More to follow, with pictures.

Val Thorens 2003

Skiing in Val Thorens, 2003 (15th to 22nd March) – with my Sarah, my parents, uncle & aunt and the Towers