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More Corsican Joy

Yesterday was a fab day of Sea Kayaking,

walking and working, basically the exact reason we came to Corsica and it was really great.

Gerome’s parents have been absolutley amazing and I would like to thank them for putting up with the non-french speaking plonkers that were staying in their loft over the last week.

On the eastJet flight home I noticed during the ignored safety demo that their life jackets had “” emblazoned upon them – i know all publicity is good publicity and all that but couldn’t help but wonder if reminding passengers dumped in the North Sea with only a limited chance of survival where to book their next trip is taking things a little too far?

Perhaps at the moment you have forced your passengers to don their life jackets is not the ideal time to bring up the topic of their next holiday? Or perhaps it is the ideal distraction…

“Margaret, darling”
“yes…” (shivering)
“this holiday has not panned out so well, but if we visit, we could get another trip in before the end of the year”

Still in Corsica… Oh yeah!

The view from the harbour of Macinaggio where I am typing this

This morning Gerome nipped along to Bastia to pick up Noémie who had taken the overnight ferry from Toujon.

6am is certainly too early for me so I slept. Noaime is charming although my inability to speak

even half decent French is, as usual, a bit of a barrier. It is only when I want to communicate with someone for real that really regret my pitiful attempts to learn French. Perhaps one day I will actually make a positive effort to learn.

This morning we climbed up to the closest Genoise watch tower that is just along the beach from Gerome’s parents house. Colin’s ankle could not really take the walk and he was clearly in a fair bit of pain on the way back down… I did not help him though, just watched the wincing.

Later on Gerome, Noémie, Gerome’ Dad & myself set off on 2 mountain bikes and a tandem up towards a church that little did I know at that point, was up a massive hill.

My cycling legs seemed to be serving me well and confidence surged through my body, what luck I thought, despite years if inactivity my fittness is still there, on tap when required. I dropped a cog or two and picked up the pace, these guys would be eating my dust.

One hundred metres later, I was buggered.

I dropped to the back a started the excruciating job of pulling my overconfident, under prepared body up this mountain road that the others seemed to be coping so well with, they must be super fit.

About half way up I swapped with Noémie and got on to the back of the tandem with Gerome. Although I was gamely turning the pedals and attempting to put my fair share of effort, Gerome was certainly getting the raw deal – he must have lost five kilos dragging me up that hill.

Upon reaching the top, the view that treated us was worth the effort. We could easily see the Tuscan coast to the East of Corsica and all of the Italian Islands inbetween.

I am writing this sitting on Macinaggio harbour.

CSUK Christmas 2005

The Caravan Sitefinder Christmas night out, 2005

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